[Sugardust] Furina Homemade

[Sugardust] Furina Homemade
We're trying something new with a bit more 'storytelling' than actual seggs, though we'll try to optimize our schedule further since 'Time' is always running out - we want to make sure at least there is a decent portion of actual seggs without all the time spent on extra fluff. Then again, all these posing and teasing could lead to a better experience... probably, at least I think so. Do you still want to see just seggs without the build up, though? Also, we're trying out some changes in our workflow so there might be some hiccups along the way for the next few releases (by that we mean we it might cause a little delay). We'll get used to the changes eventually and hopefully this also means future releases further along the way could have more work done with less time. We're still working with new character conversion and tweaks during our downtime. Here's a cookie: two new names that would be on our next coming character poll would be 'Chiori (Genshin Impact)' and 'Novella Shiori (Hololive)'. 'Til the next release, see ya.
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