[Sugardust] Hoshimachi Suisei Event

[Sugardust] Hoshimachi Suisei Event
G-Guys, I think there's some confusion to what our recent Category Poll is about. It's just meant to figure out the 'popular groups' within the 'popular groups'. Like I wrote in the original post, it does not include other games or groups because it wouldn't make sense for what the poll is meant to do. If the poll doesn't apply to you, it's alright, since our releases are still based on our Character Poll, not the Category Poll we're doing right now. All this Category Poll does is decide the 'who' from Genshin Impact and VTuber slots should take priority. It does not replace or remove other characters like from Blue Archive. I think there's just some confusion since not everyone speaks English but I guess it can't be avoided. Character Poll would still continue as per normal with the games and characters we like.
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